En wat hebben we vandaag geleerd?

Echt leerrijk om als marketingmadam de wereld eens te bekijken door een financiële bri. Zeker als professor Ronald Poppe de opticien in kwestie is! Na drie minuten had hij mij op zijn hand… Hieronder een lijstje [in English] met wat ik onder meer meeneem na een dagje onderdompeling in financial management – voor de goede orde gegroepeerd in 3 categorieën.

Category 1: #likehisstyle #makingfinancefun

– Hobby from professor Poppe: Taking pictures of financial people in jail.
– There is no better comedy than Kanaal Z!
– Definition of marketing = Singing, dancing and drinking…
– Never say: “That company went bankrupt.” Always say: “That company sacrified itself for science.”
– Definition of MBA = Manager By Accident…

Category 2: #ffseriousnow #strongstatements

– Don’t be too nice to tax men, they are the origin of the financial crisis.
– You have the devil, you have hell and then, you have the bankers.
– IKEA is the biggest fraudeur on our planet. And no one chases this company… Even the tax man goes shopping in IKEA!
– The most important person that ever lived = EVA!
– You win a war with logistics, not with soldiers.

Category 3: #didyouknow

– There are 182 countries on our planet of which approximately 80 countries without taxes. Unfortunately, in most of the cases also without roads, hospitals, …
– The GSM was invented in 1942. It was used during the landing in Normandy.
– Why using brackets in finance? Historical background: Too easy to cheat with bird feather in Middle Ages because difference between – and + is only 1 small line.
– First product made by Nokia was paper.
– Texas, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, California: 5 states who only have temporary agreement with United States of America.